FRA published an FAQ in July that explains the program.

WSDOT applied last October for more than $1.3 billion of ARRA High Speed Intercity Passenger Rail grants.

Last April USDOT released A Vision For High Speed Rail in America detailing the ARRA program and the administration's vision. Here are some details:

The $8 billion in ARRA is an initial down payment to develop a national high-speed and intercity passenger rail system. In order to effectively utilize these funds, plus those from annual appropriations, the Tracks were developed to accommodate the variety of potential applicant goals and stages of project development, while meeting the statutory requirements.

Track 1 – Projects: Intercity passenger rail projects funding under ARRA
Track 2 – Programs: High-speed/intercity passenger rail service development programs

Projects under Tracks 1 and 2 may be up to 100% Federally-funded, and matching funds are not required, though leverage on those funds is encouraged. Planning activities funded under Track 3 and projects funded under Track 4 require at least a 50% match to Federal funds.

Operating funds are not eligible expenses under any of the Tracks within the HSIPR program. This program requires commitment on the part of states to cover any incremental operating expenses that these services will generate.

FRA will obligate funds as soon as a grant or cooperative agreement between FRA and selected applicants is complete. These agreements must be completed as soon as possible and no later than September 30, 2010 for Round 1 of Track 1 and September 30, 2011 for Track 2 programs. See Section of the interim guidance document for Track deadlines.

Projects funded under Tracks 1 or 3 must be completed within two years of obligation. Projects funded under Track 4 must be completed within five years.

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