Automakers are opposing a Republican-led effort to prevent EPA regulation of greenhouse gas emissions — including those from vehicle tailpipes. Yes, you read that correctly.

Actually, it may make sense to you. CQ reports that while automakers fought for years against tougher fuel economy standards, last year the industry negotiated a deal with the Obama administration to set a national fuel economy standard rather than face varying state regulations. The automakers' position puts them at odds with groups representing farming, manufacturing, energy and utility interests, including the American Petroleum Institute, American Farm Bureau Federation, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and National Milk Producers Federation ("Automakers to Lawmakers: Don’t Rescind EPA Regulation of Greenhouse Gases", CQ - sub required.)

From The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers' statement:
"A National Program is a priority to automakers because a national fuel economy program allows manufacturers to average sales nationwide, so customers in all 50 states can continue to buy the types of vehicles they need for family, business and leisure. A National Program also avoids conflicting standards from different regulatory agencies, and it gives automakers much needed certainty for long-term product planning. In addition, a National Program delivers overall greenhouse gas reductions equal to or better than those that would be realized under separate programs by different regulatory bodies."
The Alliance also recently created the website Driving Sustainability.

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