NOT to be confused with TIGER, the FTA's TIGGER (Transits Investments for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction)  program has $75 million for FY 2010 grants to transit agencies. Applications are due to FTA by August 11th. Only public transportation agencies or State DOTs can apply.

Read the application requirements, deadlines, and other information (see page 18943, middle column).

TIGGER grants are for capital investments to (1) reduce transit system energy consumption; and (2) reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  In part because there are other grant programs available, for TIGGER FTA will "rate more favorably innovative technologies of national significance, such as electric drive and other forward-looking technologies, not normally funded out of other FTA programs."

Ben Franklin Transit facility

Like its cousin, TIGGER started out as an ARRA program with $100 million available for grants; FTA received proposals totaling more than $2 billion and last October awarded the grants.

WA state received three grants:
  • Community Transit, Hybrid Buses, $1,500,000
  • Link Transit, Battery-powered/zero emission buses, $2,925,000
  • C-Tran, Facility energy efficiencies, $1,500,000
OR state received two grants:
  • Lane Transit District, Hybrid buses, $3,000,000
  • Tri-Met, Bus cooling system retrofits, $750,000
ID state received no grants.

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